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Statistical Analysis and Consultancy

Statistical AnalysisThe great majority of market research data is quantitative in nature and the careful use of statistical analysis can provide considerable insight to that data. We do not believe in ‘blinding with science’ and a fundamental requirement for any analysis we undertake is that the results can be communicated in a manner which is easily understood by a non-statistician.

Any analysis we undertake is designed with the specific objective of leading to actionable marketing conclusions rather than being just an interesting technical exercise. Our extensive past experience as a buyer of research means that we are well placed to recognise how statistical analysis can contribute to the decision-making process.

Statistical AnalysisWe apply a range of statistical techniques to draw meaningful conclusions using data both from our own surveys and from clients’ databases. In our experience, most companies have access to ever more substantial and sophisticated market information, but often lack the resource or expertise to be able to draw maximum value from that data.

Intelligent use of existing information can often remove the need for expensive new surveys.

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss how your data could ‘work harder’ for you. Depending on the client’s requirements, we use either simple or more advanced techniques (sometimes a combination of the two). Examples of how we could help include:

  • Advising on the most appropriate sample size given the objectives of the research.

  • Applying simple tests of statistical significance to determine which differences in results from a survey should be highlighted.

  • Segmenting customers, businesses or general members of the public according to characteristics of interest to the survey. Typically this may involve identifying ‘clusters’ of respondents. Members of any one cluster would have broadly similar characteristics to other members of that cluster in respect of attitudes to a product, usage behaviour, degree of financial hardship or any other concept identifiable from the survey. They would have different characteristics from members of other clusters.

  • Exploring the relationship between sales and elements of the marketing mix. We have successfully quantified the effectiveness of advertising, promotional activity, price change, new products and use of sales representatives and merchandisers in a variety of markets. We have produced a model which allows us to identify the manner in which advertising affects sales of a particular brand or market and how a particular advertising budget should be allocated to optimal effect.

  • Producing brand or market models. Such models allow the outcome of alternative marketing strategies to be predicted, so aiding both marketing decision-making and company forecasting.

Please refer to the Examples of Our Work page of our website to see case studies illustrating how we have applied statistical analyses to actual marketing problems.

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