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Quantitative Market Research Services

Quantitative market research is used to find out how many people hold a particular view, think or act in a particular way.

Methods for data collection

Quantitative Research There are various means of collecting quantitative information but the most common are:

Types of survey

Quantitative research can be used to explore a wide range of topical issues, such as reactions to a potential new product / service or awareness of a new advertising campaign. There are also a number of specific types of survey which are required from time to time by most clients and which can include one or a combination of the above research methods. The most commonly used include:

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Employee Opinion Surveys

  • Usage and Attitude Surveys

We are always happy to discuss your research needs to establish the most suitable solution to meet your objectives.

Sample size

Quantitative surveys can include samples ranging from 50 to several thousand interviews. The number of people to be included in the sample will depend broadly on:

  • What level of accuracy is required to meet the objectives of the survey. It is often useful in this context to agree in advance what would constitute a ‘good’ or a ‘poor’ result.

  • The number of sub-groups within the data which need to be analysed

  • What budget is available. Even though an appropriate sample size should strictly be determined without reference to the budget, in practice it is often necessary to re-define the objectives taking into account the money available to spend.

Our experience

Our InterviewersWe have experience of a wide variety of quantitative surveys ranging from small-scale projects conducted for local organisations to large-scale continuous work for multi-national clients. We have undertaken projects for both public and private sector organisations and we can bring to bear our experience and expertise spanning a huge variety of sectors gained from over 19 years as a research agency.

Recent examples of quantitative projects

  • Telephone based quantitative work on behalf of a leading Insurance company with 500 head-teachers, bursars and other senior members of staff from state, independent and academy schools, Further and Higher education establishments.

  • In-home face-to-face interviewing prior to a major housing regeneration programme. This project consisted of a random sample of 1,000 households in the Bradford area who were interviewed to assess their housing needs. The project also included a postal survey amongst all remaining households in the area and 6 focus groups amongst residents to assess their reactions to a number of proposed housing initiatives.

  • An online survey to understand the attitudes and behaviour of c2,500 adults in the UK on recycling.

You can see a further selection of case studies in the Examples of Our Work page of our website.

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