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Qualitative Market Research Services

Qualitative research is used to explore and to understand consumer’s views in greater depth than is possible with quantitative research.

Qualitative research typically involves talking to small groups of people in focus groups but it can also involve interviewing an individual or pairs of people (often selected on the basis that they hold conflicting views). Properly conducted, qualitative research results in a deeper understanding of customers’ behaviour and the way they think. This understanding provides a solid base from which informed business decisions can be made.

Methods for data collection

Various methods are used for qualitative research and although most is done face to face, telephone depth interviews on a one-to-one basis are also possible. The most common methods are:

Unlike quantitative research there are no fixed set of questions but typically a discussion guide is used which outlines the main areas of interest to be explored in depth. Preliminary qualitative research can often help identify topics to be investigated further in quantitative research. Conversely, a qualitative study can be used on completion of quantitative research to probe in greater depth the reasons behind some of the opinions expressed.

Our experience

PCP has used qualitative research to explore a diverse range of topics with wide-ranging consumer groups. We have successfully completed qualitative research with "difficult" groups such as the very old, the physically or learning disabled and those from lower socio-economic groups. Projects have included:

  • Focus groups with different types of governors to explore the role of school governors and levels of support.

  • Focus groups to understand the use of local authority budgets.

  • Focus groups with potential tourists to an area to explore reactions to advertising and promotional material for a tourist board.

  • Focus groups with men working in childcare to understand the barriers for men working in Early Years childcare settings.

  • Focus groups to explore the information needs of the learning disabled.

  • Focus groups to understand attitudes to a potential new financial services product.

  • Depth interviews with council leaders to explore the priority issues in their local area.

  • Depth interviews to understand the strengths and weaknesses of an in-home medical testing kit, as seen by existing users of the product.

Please refer to the Examples of Our work page of our website to see a selection of Qualitative case studies we have undertaken.

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