Qualitative market research techniques

Qualitative Research

What exactly is qualitative research?

Qualitative market research techniques reveal an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour and the way they think. Qualitative research can be used in its own right. Or you can build on findings made in quantitative research, discovering even more.

How can qualitative research help my business or organisation?

Properly conducted, qualitative research provides a solid base on which to make informed decisions.

What are the most popular qualitative market research techniques?

Qualitative research typically involves talking to people in greater depth than a quantitative interview. It can be done face-to-face or by phone.

Focus groups

Focus groups are made up of small groups of people. They are invited to talk about an issue, product or service. Some past examples include:

  • Potential tourists to an area to explore reactions to advertising and promotional material for a tourist board
  • Male childcare workers to investigate the barriers for men working in Early Years childcare settings
  • Financial services customers in order to understand their attitudes to a potential new product

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Depth interviews

During depth interviews, we interview individuals or pairs of people. This method is particularly good in comparing conflicting views. Some examples of our depth interviews include talking to:

  • Council leaders to explore the priority issues in their local area
  • Existing users of an in-home medical testing kit to understand the product’s strengths and weaknesses

Discover more in depth interviews.

What questions do you ask?

Unlike quantitative research there is no fixed set of questions. Typically, we produce a discussion guide which outlines the main areas of interest to be explored in depth.

Does qualitative research have to be done in isolation?

It can be. However, sometimes preliminary qualitative research helps identify topics to be investigated further in quantitative research, such as online surveys.

On the other hand, a qualitative study, such as a focus group, probes the reasons behind some of the opinions revealed in quantitative research.

More than 25 years’ experience of qualitative market research techniques

We have used qualitative research to explore a diverse range of topics with wide-ranging consumer groups. We have successfully completed qualitative research for many groups. These include the elderly, those with learning disabilities and those from lower income backgrounds.

Next steps

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  • We have commissioned several surveys with PCP in the last few years. PCP are very flexible and able to meet tight deadlines. They always go the extra mile to ensure that we get what we need from each project.

    Alistair Lockhart (Insight Director)Get Savvy, Leeds
  • Working with PCP is a pleasure – they are my ‘go to’ research company. I have worked with them for two years and nothing has ever been too much to ask. Peter in particular is always very helpful and happy to answer numerous questions. He always offers his expertise too so that you feel in safe hands throughout working with them. The whole team are polite, flexible and always happy to help. On many occasions I have given very tight deadlines and PCP has never let me down. I would definitely recommend working with them.

    Emma PrinceConsultant at Claremont Comms
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    Chris DavisCEO of Graduate Coach
  • We used PCP to collect a large bank of data for a project on charitable giving. From first contact through to delivery the service was reliable, fast and efficient. They clearly have a great understanding of the research process and were able to provide useful insights at every stage of the process. The end result was a high reliable dataset, delivered ahead of schedule, which has already put to good use in various projects.

    Dr David Hart (Principal Lecturer & Programme Director) Newcastle Business School, University of Northumbria

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