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PCP has worked for clients across a wide range of markets and industry sectors.

Market Research Work Contracted out by other Agencies

Our interviewing team frequently takes on work contracted out by other research agencies. This work is contracted to us either because the agency does not have an interviewing team of its own or because they do not have the capacity to meet all their clients’ requirements in an appropriate timescale.

The experience we have gained in a wide range of markets can be of great value in these situations and the agency contracting out the work can relax confident in the knowledge that it will be carried out to a high level of professionalism. This confidence in the partner is essential if the contracting-out agency is to maintain the trust of its clients.

Most work contracted out takes the form of telephone research. Our dedicated call-centre staffed by experienced interviewers means that we can usually take on even quite demanding projects at short notice. However, as a full service agency, we can also take on any other type of research work for which assistance is required.

Please Contact Us for a no-obligation quote as to how we can help meet any of your research requirements. We are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by the value for money we offer.