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Research conducted by PCP reveals that "Schools shoulder responsibility for children’s health"

PCP conducted a mixed methodology survey, on behalf of Playforce, with 100 primary school teachers via a telephone survey and 500 school children aged 5-11 via an online survey (with their parents' assistance) to explore opinions about developing healthy children.

Here are some of the key findings:
  •  84% of primary school headteachers feel that some parents have largely absolved themselves of responsibility for the health of their children and have delegated that role to schools.
  • 44% believe that schools bear the biggest responsibility of anyone for developing healthy children.
  • 38% say they have children in their school with health problems, 4 per cent of which say they have many children with health problems.
  • 96% of 5-11 year olds surveyed by Playforce think it is important to be healthy and 86 per cent describe themselves as healthy but nearly one in ten (7.4%) say they don’t have a healthy diet and 14% say they don’t know if they eat healthily or not.

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