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PCP has recently completed a piece of research on behalf of Yorkshire Energy Partnership.

Yorkshire Energy Partnership is considering launching a ‘local energy tariff’ for residents of North Yorkshire. The tariff would be available to all residents in the relevant areas; however there would be a particular focus on helping those vulnerable to fuel poverty.

The research PCP conducted was designed to test reactions to the concept of a local energy tariff, and to examine how the proposition could best be developed and marketed to appeal to as wide a target market as possible. Wider topics such as attitudes towards energy suppliers and barriers to switching provider were also covered.

Six focus groups were carried out among residents of North Yorkshire, in three locations. In addition, six depth interviews were conducted among key local stakeholders. Desk research to review existing information on the subject was also undertaken.

The focus groups were conducted in two stages; the first phase sought to identify barriers to switching energy supplier and to explore ways in which these barriers could be overcome, while the second phase focused on attitudes towards aspects of the Yorkshire Energy Partnership proposition and explored views on elements of marketing such as key words, straplines and logos, as well as gauging reactions to specific visual examples of marketing.

PCP produced a full report of the findings, which highlighted key conclusions and made recommendations for the development of the tariff proposal.