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Research conducted by PCP reveals that "Schools shoulder responsibility for children’s health"

PCP conducted a mixed methodology survey, on behalf of Playforce, with 100 primary school teachers via a telephone survey and 500 school children aged 5-11 via an online survey (with their parents' assistance) to explore opinions about developing healthy children.

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PCP research, on behalf of RVS, reveals "Talents go to waste in older age"

PCP conducted a telephone survey on behalf of the Royal Voluntary Service, a charity who offer support and services to the elderly, with those aged 75 or over. The research revealed that one in five older people in Britain who have a special skill or talent rarely or never get to use it. Despite almost a quarter of over 75s having a special talent or skill, 21 per cent of them never get to use it but would like to.

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PCP has recently completed a piece of research on behalf of Yorkshire Energy Partnership.

Yorkshire Energy Partnership is considering launching a ‘local energy tariff’ for residents of North Yorkshire. The tariff would be available to all residents in the relevant areas; however there would be a particular focus on helping those vulnerable to fuel poverty. The research PCP conducted was designed to test reactions to the concept of a local energy tariff, and to examine how the proposition could best be developed and marketed to appeal to as wide a target market as possible. Wider topics such as attitudes towards energy suppliers and barriers to switching provider were also covered.

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PCP research reveals "Elderly people 'staying at home for fear of falling'"

PCP recently carried out a telephone survey on behalf of WRVS among 500 people aged 75 or over. The research revealed that more than one in five of the 500 people interviewed lived in fear of falling. Understandably, many said they were especially worried during winter months.

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PCP research reveals "Over 65s at risk from faulty gas appliances"

PCP recently carried out a telephone survey on behalf of WRVS with 400 people aged 65 or over in the Midlands and found that more than 50,000 have had a gas related incident, such as a gas leak, in the past with a quarter of a million potentially at risk of an explosion or deadly carbon monoxide poisoning from their gas appliances.

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