Opening up about brand recognition

Opening up about brand recognition
April 16, 2017 PCP Market Research

Opening up about brand recognition

The challenge

Double-glazing company Safestyle UK have significantly developed their brand in recent years. They recommissioned us to research how successful these changes had been. What was Safestyle’s geographical reach? How were they perceived? We were also asked to explore how their brand could be developed further.


  • To explore the decision-making process of potential customers
  • To identify people’s perceptions of the client and their competitors
  • To pinpoint the strengths, successes, failures and weaknesses of competitors
  • To record the regional awareness, attitudes, perceptions and opinions about double-glazing

Our approach

The project was a four-stage research process. The first two stages generated ideas for brand development through qualitative market research. We then ran a quantitative survey to test these ideas and to quantify awareness and perceptions. For the final stage, we carried out a series of focus groups about advertising material developed from our findings from the first three stages.

First stage: Focus groups

We undertook ten focus groups in different locations to help us build a complete geographical picture. Each group was attended by different types of people, namely:

  • existing customers
  • those who had recently made an enquiry
  • competitors’ customers
  • those currently considering installing double glazing

What prompted them to consider double glazing? How did they find out about potential suppliers? Which advertising or promotional material did they find particularly attractive? Through their answers we built up profiles of possible customers and their decision-making process.

Second stage: Talking to those who made an enquiry but didn’t buy

We carried out a series of 18 depth interviews of 30 minutes each. We were particularly interested in why chose not to purchase from Safestyle. Depth interviews allowed for a more personal and in-depth understanding of their views and experiences.

Third stage: Online survey

We collected 600 online responses from people considering double glazing. The questions helped assess ideas and findings generated by the first batch of focus groups and depth interviews. We also used this survey to measure interest in ut some animated storyboards of a new advert.

We presented all of our findings and recommendations to the client’s brand and marketing.

Fourth stage: Testing out new advertising material

We were commissioned to carry out a further four focus groups of potential customers. Two were in the north, and two took place in the south of the UK. We explored their reactions to some new advertising ideas. We organised these groups and reported back within three days.


We combined all aspects of our research and presented the findings to Safestyle’s brand and marketing team. These influenced their forthcoming campaign.

What our client said:

“Safestyle UK commissioned PCP Market Research to undertake a major review of the company’s branding and advertising. Peter and his team worked tirelessly to meet tight deadlines and were dedicated to getting the clearest possible insights for the company.

We were delighted with the research they conducted and a new advertising campaign has been developed which incorporates many of the findings. Overall I feel that PCP really care about the quality of their work and how it can help their clients – something which is quite rare in the agencies I have worked with over the years. Well done to the team. They are very highly recommended.” Phil Berry (Head of Marketing) at Safestyle UK, based in Bradford

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