The sweet taste of potential

The sweet taste of potential
April 16, 2017 PCP Market Research

The sweet taste of potential

The challenge

Frey Chocolates are a Swiss manufacturer. They wanted to consider the UK potential for a brand of boxed chocolates. We were commissioned to assess attitudes to boxed chocolates. We also looked at the reaction to the specific range of chocolates, pack designs and brand names under consideration.


The overall objective of the research was to assess the potential for Frey chocolates in the UK including:

  • Exploring attitudes to different types of chocolate products
  • Finding out what customers want from boxed chocolates when bought as a present, when received as a gift and when purchased for themselves
  • Recording how they rated the taste, packaging, toppings and range of Frey chocolates compared to competitors
  • Discovering which of 31 possible Frey chocolates had greatest appeal, both before and after tasting
  • Recording any differences between key demographic groups

Our approach

First stage: Focus Groups

Two focus groups talked about the chocolates, their packaging, appearance and taste. Each focus group was made up of ten female chocolate eaters, fitting the demographic of the Frey’s target market. One was held in the north of England and one in the south.

The focus groups discussed topics such as:

  • Current chocolate consumption and purchasing behaviour
  • Awareness of different types of chocolate products and brands of boxed chocolates
  • First impressions of toppings, variety, design and quality of packaging of Frey and a competitor
  • Thoughts on the taste, texture and consistency of the Frey and competitor chocolates
  • Any suggestions on how to improve the range of products, their taste and presentation.

Second stage: Quantitative assessment of chocolates

An online panel of 130 people looked at 31 different chocolates, selecting the ten they would most like to taste. They were then sent these chocolates through the post and asked to score the toppings, shape, size, form, composition and taste. Each respondent was asked to eat the chosen products in a specific order. This was randomised to ensure no bias in terms of the product ratings.


We presented the findings to Frey in a written report. Amongst suggestions made were that the UK market were less keen on marzipan chocolates than their continental cousins. Frey took away the findings and hope to launch to the UK market soon.

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