Face to face with ATM cash machines

Face to face with ATM cash machines
April 16, 2017 PCP Market Research

Face to face with ATM cash machines

The challenge

Our client, a national bank, had installed over 300 free-to-use ATM cash machines in isolated or deprived areas. They were located in local supermarkets and post offices. But were they being used? Were there any benefits in doing this? Was it worth extending the service to other similar areas?


  • To assess how many customers used the new machines and how often they used them
  • To identify customers’ attitudes to the ATMs
  • To estimate the time and money customers saved because of the new machines
  • To assess the extent to which the stores with the machine, and the neighbourhood as a whole, were benefiting from the installations.

Our approach

We carefully selected a sample of 40 locations which had a new ATM. We carried out face-to-face interviews with customers. These checked levels of use and compared behaviours before and after the installations.

As with all market research, it was vital to get a representative sample of the relevant sector of the population. To achieve this, we conducted interviews on two different days of the week, approximately one week apart. We asked store managers to encourage customers to fill in a questionnaire when an interviewer wasn’t there.


Our report included customer attitudes towards the new ATM machines and the estimated time and money saved by their installation. We quantified the benefits according to factors such as area of the country, level of deprivation of the region and distance to the nearest free-to-use ATM.

The savings were considerable. When this was reported to the regional and national press, the client gained a lot of positive publicity

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