Calculating charity customer satisfaction

Calculating charity customer satisfaction
April 16, 2017 PCP Market Research

Calculating charity customer satisfaction

The challenge

We were approached by a national charity who provide grants for families raising disabled or seriously ill children. They wanted to understand how satisfied their customers were with the assistance they’d received. Did they have any suggestions on how to improve their service? What were their thoughts on possible new services?


  • To establish the level of customer satisfaction for the services currently provided
  • To understand whether satisfaction levels differed by type of customer
  • To understand the reasons for satisfaction or dissatisfaction
  • To identify which aspects of the service could be improved and how
  • To establish how interested people were in possible new services

Our approach

We carried out 750 telephone interviews with current and recent customers. These lasted around 15 minutes. We designed the sample group so we could report separately on a number of sub-groups. Results were weighted to reflect the true importance of each group.


Overall the charity’s customer satisfaction was very high, much to their delight. However, they took on board our findings that some areas could be improved. Customers were enthusiastic about several of the possible new services.

The charity felt the results provided a very useful benchmark. We were asked to repeat the research three years’ later. Satisfaction levels remained extremely high.

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